Hillary Didn’t Really Win the Popular Vote…

In this divisive election, it appears that one candidate won the popular vote and the other won the electoral vote. The electoral losers—the Progressives—are raising the cry to eliminate the electoral college. If the roles were reversed and the Republicans/conservatives had lost the electoral vote, they would be doing the same.

First things first: the Democrats probably didn’t win the popular vote. According to VoteFraud.org’s survey of 180,000,000 voter records, certified by their legal team, there were 3,000,000 votes cast by illegal immigrants in this election. Well over a dozen reports surfaced surrounding the election, telling of busloads of illegals driven to multiple polling places to vote. Almost universally, illegal operations sponsored and favored Democrat votes.

VoteFraud.org also found 4,000,000 dead people registered to vote across the nation. Multiple documented voter registration drives, paid for by Progressives, registered the dead as voters. States that require voter ID could catch these frauds, but 18 states plus the District of Columbia do not require ID. Among that number are key battleground states, including California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and New York, where voter fraud could throw the election.

The message: Voter fraud heavily favors Democrats. Take away the fraud and Hillary loses the popular vote.

The Electoral College Worked When It Was Originally Created…

Back to the electoral college: why do we have it? The better question is, why do we have a popular vote for president? The Founders built the innovative electoral college into the Constitution to prevent a popular vote. They deliberately established three sources of power with three selection processes: members of the House of Representatives received a popular vote, senators were selected by the states, and the executive was selected by electors. These selection processes anchored the republic that became the United States of America.

Today a popular vote determines all three power positions in Congress and the presidency, making us a democracy, the most dangerous and most easily manipulated form of government known. Easy manipulation by the party that promises the most “goodies” to a gullible and ignorant populace wins.

We Have AN Electoral College, What We Need Is THE Electoral College…

Most politicians seem ignorant of our history, constitutional structure and susceptibility and they continue to call us a democracy. We need to know who and what we are—where our roots lie and how to regain our national strength. That process begins with returning to a republic by removing the selection of officers by an easily misled and manipulated popular vote. Founder Alexander Hamilton said a popular vote would invite “tumult and disorder”. He must have had a crystal ball.

Rather than eliminate the electoral college, let’s eliminate the popular vote and restore the electoral vote to its original. States select electors—trusted, stable individuals who lend maturity, objectivity and wisdom to the process. With no strings attached and no function after the election, they cannot curry future favors and “goodies”. After careful study, electors select two individuals they think would govern well. The eventual selection of president and vice president come from these selections. This would eliminate the pounding grind of elections that bludgeon the nation every four years.

The Electoral College is a Filter. Without it, Our Government is Easily Infiltrated.

The filter of the electoral college gives greater weight to smaller states, so they don’t get lost in the selection process. This gives balance, allowing the smaller states to carry more weight. This filter holds off influence from outside the nation that could sway an election. It also suppresses secret organizations that might plot a power grab. The electoral system allows states to select the electors, picking those who will best protect state interests and maintain balance between the people and their protectors, the states. This adds national stability.

Mr. Trump misunderstands and would eliminate the electoral college. He has a lot to learn on this, and other topics. It’s unnerving to have elected a man who didn’t understand our system of government before his election. Let’s pray that he puts the right people around him so he can learn. Otherwise, we are in trouble.

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Pamela Romney Openshaw

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My love of country, family, and life itself led me to do public speaking for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. It has been a fascinating journey—one that has left me concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of my country. I remain optimistic about the strength, integrity, and willingness to act of my fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.
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