It’s Very Difficult to Find the Truth!

The nation is awash in stories of fake news, and no one knows what’s true and what isn’t. We don’t even know when the stories reporting fake news are fake news. This is serious. Without sure truth, we are left with little but picking a favorite and hoping we made the right choice. Worse yet, who is the enemy is to protect ourselves from? We ultimately end up unsafe in a scary world.

Each side thinks the other misrepresents facts. The Left sees the Right as obstructing a blissful utopian future,of prosperity and peace in the world-wide collective. The Right believes the Left grooms Useful Idiots and the uninformed to ultimately destroy liberty, regulate us into obscurity and take away private property.

Because our laws are observably sacrificing liberty, tens of thousands of new regulations annually are strangling businesses and killing ingenuity and our ability to get and preserve private property is dwindling through bad laws and suffocating regulations, the right appears to be telling the truth. But then, I’m a conservative, so of course I think that.

There’s No Unbiased Media…

Am I correct? Only if the “facts” I embrace are true—if the media I consult is accurate, unbiased and ethical. But where do I find such media? Their bias is obvious, no matter which side of the fence you plant your grass on. The wearying facts pound us: the media is both the disease and the cure to the infection.

Examples are legion. The Clinton camp claims the Russians stole the election from them by breaking into DNC records and skewing information toward Trump. Whistleblowers report the hackers were not Russian but disgruntled Dems.  Which is true? You choose sides or embrace mindlessness on the topic. Using your ears and counting on your fingers, you could count the favoritism toward Hillary that ran like rainwater in the gutters before November 8. It’s hard to think and not pooh-pooh the Russian bit. Still, are we sure? What’s real here?

It’s Not Just Politics That Gets Scary…

Fake news extends to the medical profession and pharmaceuticals, with fake reports on drug and vaccine safety and effectiveness. Whistleblowers say research is skewed, suppressed and misrepresented and side effects go unreported. Our lets-play-favorites government exempts the pharms from consequences of bad vaccines and dishonest research and this past week graced the coffers of Big Pharma with 9 billion of  your tax dollars for new drugs and vaccines that will be fast-tracked to make them available without sufficient safety testing.

Truth becomes harder to find when layered with money and collusion from corporations and government. Reports of unethical business practices, ignored damages and price gouging from Big Pharma have circulated for decades. Accusations are backed by ugly body counts of deaths from legally prescribed drugs and childhood autism, learning disabilities and a plethora of other suspicious immediate-onset  reactions to vaccines. When you’re looking for truth, its hard to ignore body counts.

People Are Realizing They Can No Longer Trust What They Hear.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the public doesn’t trust much of what it is told. New research by the Pew Institute says 81% of us distrust the government and 74% of us think politicians put themselves first. Only 16% of us have a great deal of confidence in the president and 8% have a great deal of confidence in TV and newspapers. The medial profession isn’t much better: only 17% of us have great confidence there. When you are a self-rule nation and your success demands accurate information, these markers are disturbing.

How do you find the truth? You can fact-check, but are the fact-checkers fair? The Daily Caller says “Snopes is liberal as Hell”. Ditto with PolitiFact, and Fact Checker is run by the Washington Post, so forget fairness there. It’s difficult to trust any news source.

How long can a nation retain its liberty, prosperity and health when the people don’t trust the system? New controversies crop up with regularity: #Pizzagate, for instance. The nation cries for truth, yet truth grows dim. The lies are getting old. Will truth return, and if so, how and when?  

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Author, Speaker, Educator at Promises of the Constitusion
My love of country, family, and life itself led me to do public speaking for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. It has been a fascinating journey—one that has left me concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of my country. I remain optimistic about the strength, integrity, and willingness to act of my fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.
Pamela Romney Openshaw

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