Humanism: Attack On Freedom – DVD

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Humanism—the “religion” where man worships himself, rather than God—is sweeping America and the world.

This belief system, with its changeable morals, rejection of traditional right and wrong, denial of accountability to God and dismissal of an afterlife stands in direct contrast to Christianity. The effects of humanism on education, science, government and culture are outlined, as is humanism’s goal of one world government. Evolution, the Godless theory of life’s beginning, is examined, including statements from leading evolutionists that explode their own theories.

Humanism’s pervasive influence undercuts 6000 years of human progress. Understanding this insidious philosophy helps us successfully navigate the modern world.

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This DVD can also be purchased as part of the Promises of the Constitution Complete Student/Teacher Study Program + 5 DVDs.

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Author, Speaker, Educator at Promises of the Constitusion
My love of country, family, and life itself led me to do public speaking for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. It has been a fascinating journey—one that has left me concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of my country. I remain optimistic about the strength, integrity, and willingness to act of my fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.
Pamela Romney Openshaw

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