Which Way America? – DVD

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Key concepts that underlie the US Constitution are identified: the importance of unchanging law, division of power and checks and balances; economic basics and our current economic instability resulting from abandoning the gold and silver standard; the importance of the original electoral college and its steadying influence on American elections, and more.

Individual topics can be easily accessed, making this DVD easy to use. It offers visual supplementation to Promises of the Constitution: Complete Constitution Curriculum.

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This DVD can also be purchased as part of the Promises of the Constitution Complete Student/Teacher Study Program + 5 DVDs.

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Pamela Romney Openshaw

Author, Speaker, Educator at Promises of the Constitusion
My love of country, family, and life itself led me to do public speaking for the Right to Life movement and into a private study of the morality of public policy. It has been a fascinating journey—one that has left me concerned, yet hopeful, for the future of my country. I remain optimistic about the strength, integrity, and willingness to act of my fellow Americans in the conservative Christian cause.
Pamela Romney Openshaw

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