Liberty: Can We Keep It?

Personal liberty and restrained government are in trouble across the nation. Why? Few understand the basic principles upon which liberty and our Constitution rest.

Three key principles are explored: freedom and morality are intertwined and cannot be separated; liberty is an interactive process that gives us inalienable rights in return for performing our duties; wise government is kept limited and close, while government becomes abusive as it expands and distances itself. Armed with this fundamental information, we make better choices for our future.

The Founding Fathers as Mentors

Stories of our Founders—men, women and children—inspire and clarify America’s influence in the modern world and help each of us live with greater commitment to Christian principles.

Adults and children, alike, thrill to the stories of Henry Knox and the cannon of Ft Ticonderoga, the boys of Boston who faced down General Gage, the commander of all British forces in North America, and John Adams, whose integrity demanded he stand against his fellows to defend the Redcoats of the Boston Massacre.

Our Founders are maligned in the popular press today, which is not only unfortunate but also untrue; these were good people giving their all for liberty. They deserve our respect; these stories tell us why.

Power: Use and Abuse in Government

Government works when the system divides power to prevent its unwise use. The Founders’ system provided safety from the abuse of government power, but we’ve changed the system, jeopardizing that protection. Constitutional safeguards are explained, with examples of the use and abuse of power past and present.

This fascinating topic illuminates Man’s tendency to grasp control and the essential responsibility of citizens to guard against this overreach. It is a must to understand the modern world.

God and Government: He Cares!

America’s roots are deeply Christian and must remain so if liberty is to be preserved: if we lose Christianity, we lose God-given rights. The relationship between freedom and morality—knowing what is Right and Wrong and choosing to do Right—is fundamental to America’s survival and must be maintained.

America’s Christian heritage, history and principles are detailed, along with the sacrifices that made us who we are. Striking similarities between biblical government and the US Constitution are illustrated. This commanding information sheds powerful light on both the governing process and Christian beliefs.

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