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The Cost of Freedom
First place award winning video at the 2013 Freedom Festival --
by Nephew Blake Romney

Interview with Pam's Husband,  Lt. Col. Robert G. Openshaw—(Ret) Veteran USAF

Bob & Pam 50th Anniversary Celebration
8 Children and 34 Grandchildren  celebrate their  life together. 
NOW AVAILABLE - Pam Speaking to a National Group on George Washington's Birthday

A 30 minute Synopsis of exciting vignettes during the Revolutionary times,  and what made George Washington such an admired man around the world!

Speech Given: Feb. 25, 2017

Radio Program "Turning the Page" with Host
with Donnie Morris (Utah Valley Live)
In an interview about her book, Pamela answers questions as to why she doesn't feel the Constitution is being taught in our schools, and what she did about it.
​​Pam as Betsy Ross at Colonial Days!

​"Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here sewing together the flag that you'll fly for the next 200 years."

- Betsy Ross